WebGLRenderer Constants

Cull Face Modes

THREE.CullFaceNone THREE.CullFaceBack THREE.CullFaceFront THREE.CullFaceFrontBack

[page:constant CullFaceNone] disables face culling.
[page:constant CullFaceBack] culls back faces (default).
[page:constant CullFaceFront] culls front faces.
[page:constant CullFaceFrontBack] culls both front and back faces.

Shadow Types

THREE.BasicShadowMap THREE.PCFShadowMap THREE.PCFSoftShadowMap THREE.VSMShadowMap

These define the WebGLRenderer's [page:WebGLRenderer.shadowMap.type shadowMap.type] property.

[page:constant BasicShadowMap] gives unfiltered shadow maps - fastest, but lowest quality.
[page:constant PCFShadowMap] filters shadow maps using the Percentage-Closer Filtering (PCF) algorithm (default).
[page:constant PCFSoftShadowMap] filters shadow maps using the Percentage-Closer Filtering (PCF) algorithm with better soft shadows especially when using low-resolution shadow maps.
[page:constant VSMShadowMap] filters shadow maps using the Variance Shadow Map (VSM) algorithm. When using VSMShadowMap all shadow receivers will also cast shadows.

Tone Mapping

THREE.NoToneMapping THREE.LinearToneMapping THREE.ReinhardToneMapping THREE.CineonToneMapping THREE.ACESFilmicToneMapping

These define the WebGLRenderer's [page:WebGLRenderer.toneMapping toneMapping] property. This is used to approximate the appearance of high dynamic range (HDR) on the low dynamic range medium of a standard computer monitor or mobile device's screen.

See the [example:webgl_tonemapping WebGL / tonemapping] example.


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/constants.js src/constants.js]