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Abstract base class for lights - all other light types inherit the properties and methods described here.


[name]( [param:Integer color], [param:Float intensity] )

[page:Integer color] - (optional) hexadecimal color of the light. Default is 0xffffff (white).
[page:Float intensity] - (optional) numeric value of the light's strength/intensity. Default is 1.

Creates a new [name]. Note that this is not intended to be called directly (use one of derived classes instead).


See the base [page:Object3D Object3D] class for common properties.

[property:Color color]

Color of the light. Defaults to a new [page:Color] set to white, if not passed in the constructor.

[property:Float intensity]

The light's intensity, or strength.
In [page:WebGLRenderer.physicallyCorrectLights physically correct] mode, the units of intensity depend on the type of light.
Default - *1.0*.


See the base [page:Object3D Object3D] class for common methods.

[method:undefined dispose]()

Abstract dispose method for lights; implemented by subclasses that have disposable resources.

[method:this copy]( [param:Light source] )

Copies the value of [page:.color color] and [page:.intensity intensity] from the [page:Light source] light into this one.

[method:Object toJSON]( [param:Object meta] )

meta -- object containing metadata such as materials, textures for objects.
Convert the light to three.js [link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/wiki/JSON-Object-Scene-format-4 JSON Object/Scene format].


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/[path].js src/[path].js]