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A material for a use with a [page:Sprite].

Code Example

const map = new THREE.TextureLoader().load( 'textures/sprite.png' ); const material = new THREE.SpriteMaterial( { map: map, color: 0xffffff } ); const sprite = new THREE.Sprite( material ); sprite.scale.set(200, 200, 1) scene.add( sprite );


[example:webgl_raycast_sprite WebGL / raycast / sprite]
[example:webgl_sprites WebGL / sprites]
[example:svg_sandbox SVG / sandbox]


[name]( [param:Object parameters] )

[page:Object parameters] - (optional) an object with one or more properties defining the material's appearance. Any property of the material (including any property inherited from [page:Material]) can be passed in here.

The exception is the property [page:Hexadecimal color], which can be passed in as a hexadecimal string and is *0xffffff* (white) by default. [page:Color.set]( color ) is called internally. SpriteMaterials are not clipped by using [page:Material.clippingPlanes].


See the base [page:Material] class for common properties.

[property:Texture alphaMap]

The alpha map is a grayscale texture that controls the opacity across the surface (black: fully transparent; white: fully opaque). Default is null.

Only the color of the texture is used, ignoring the alpha channel if one exists. For RGB and RGBA textures, the [page:WebGLRenderer WebGL] renderer will use the green channel when sampling this texture due to the extra bit of precision provided for green in DXT-compressed and uncompressed RGB 565 formats. Luminance-only and luminance/alpha textures will also still work as expected.

[property:Color color]

[page:Color] of the material, by default set to white (0xffffff). The [page:.map] is mutiplied by the color.

[property:Texture map]

The texture map. Default is null.

[property:Radians rotation]

The rotation of the sprite in radians. Default is 0.

[property:Boolean sizeAttenuation]

Whether the size of the sprite is attenuated by the camera depth. (Perspective camera only.) Default is *true*.


See the base [page:Material] class for common methods.


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/[path].js src/[path].js]