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Used by the [page:CubeCamera] as its [page:WebGLRenderTarget].


See [page:CubeCamera] for examples.


[name]([param:Number size], [param:Object options])

[page:Float size] - the size, in pixels.
options - (optional) object that holds texture parameters for an auto-generated target texture and depthBuffer/stencilBuffer booleans. For an explanation of the texture parameters see [page:Texture Texture]. The following are valid options:

[page:Constant wrapS] - default is [page:Textures ClampToEdgeWrapping].
[page:Constant wrapT] - default is [page:Textures ClampToEdgeWrapping].
[page:Constant magFilter] - default is [page:Textures .LinearFilter].
[page:Constant minFilter] - default is [page:Textures LinearFilter].
[page:Boolean generateMipmaps] - default is *false*.
[page:Constant format] - default is [page:Textures RGBAFormat].
[page:Constant type] - default is [page:Textures UnsignedByteType].
[page:Number anisotropy] - default is *1*. See [page:Texture.anistropy]
[page:Constant encoding] - default is [page:Textures LinearEncoding].
[page:Boolean depthBuffer] - default is *true*.
[page:Boolean stencilBuffer] - default is *false*.

Creates a new [name]


See [page:WebGLRenderTarget] for inherited properties


See [page:WebGLRenderTarget] for inherited methods

[method:this fromEquirectangularTexture]( [param:WebGLRenderer renderer], [param:Texture texture] )

[page:WebGLRenderer renderer] — the renderer.
[page:Texture texture] — the equirectangular texture.

Use this method if you want to convert an equirectangular panorama to the cubemap format.

[method:undefined clear]( [param:WebGLRenderer renderer], [param:Boolean color], [param:Boolean depth], [param:Boolean stencil] )

Call this to clear the renderTarget's color, depth, and/or stencil buffers. The color buffer is set to the renderer's current clear color. Arguments default to *true*.


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