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Loader for KTX 2.0 GPU Texture containers.

[link:http://github.khronos.org/KTX-Specification/ KTX 2.0] is a container format for various GPU texture formats. The loader supports Basis Universal GPU textures, which can be quickly transcoded to a wide variety of GPU texture compression formats. While KTX 2.0 also allows other hardware-specific formats, this loader does not yet parse them.

This loader parses the KTX 2.0 container and then relies on [page:BasisTextureLoader] to complete the transcoding process. The required WASM transcoder and JS wrapper are available from the [link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/tree/dev/examples/js/libs/basis examples/js/libs/basis] directory.

Code Example

var ktx2Loader = new THREE.KTX2Loader(); ktx2Loader.setTranscoderPath( 'examples/js/libs/basis/' ); ktx2Loader.detectSupport( renderer ); ktx2Loader.load( 'diffuse.ktx2', function ( texture ) { var material = new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial( { map: texture } ); }, function () { console.log( 'onProgress' ); }, function ( e ) { console.error( e ); } );



Browser compatibility

See notes for [page:BasisTextureLoader]. This loader relies on ES6 Promises and Web Assembly, which are not supported in IE11.


[name]( [param:LoadingManager manager] )

[page:LoadingManager manager] — The [page:LoadingManager] for the loader to use. Default is [page:LoadingManager THREE.DefaultLoadingManager].

Creates a new [name].


See the base [page:Loader] class for common properties.


See the base [page:Loader] class for common methods.

[method:CompressedTexture load]( [param:String url], [param:Function onLoad], [param:Function onProgress], [param:Function onError] )

[page:String url] — A string containing the path/URL of the .basis file.
[page:Function onLoad] — A function to be called after the loading is successfully completed.
[page:Function onProgress] — (optional) A function to be called while the loading is in progress. The argument will be the XMLHttpRequest instance, that contains .[page:Integer total] and .[page:Integer loaded] bytes. If the server does not set the Content-Length header; .[page:Integer total] will be 0.
[page:Function onError] — (optional) A function to be called if an error occurs during loading. The function receives error as an argument.

Load from url and call the onLoad function with the transcoded [page:CompressedTexture].

[method:this detectSupport]( [param:WebGLRenderer renderer] )

[page:WebGLRenderer renderer] — A renderer instance.

Detects hardware support for available compressed texture formats, to determine the output format for the transcoder. Must be called before loading a texture.

[method:this setTranscoderPath]( [param:String path] )

[page:String path] — Path to folder containing the WASM transcoder and JS wrapper.

The WASM transcoder and JS wrapper are available from the [link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/tree/dev/examples/js/libs/basis examples/js/libs/basis] directory.

[method:this setWorkerLimit]( [param:Number limit] )

[page:Number limit] — Maximum number of workers. Default is '4'.

Sets the maximum number of web workers to be allocated by this instance.

[method:this dispose]()

Disposes the loader object, de-allocating any Web Workers created.


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/examples/jsm/loaders/KTX2Loader.js examples/jsm/loaders/KTX2Loader.js]