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A loader for loading an .mtl resource, used internally by [page:OBJLoader].
The Material Template Library format (MTL) or .MTL File Format is a companion file format to .OBJ that describes surface shading (material) properties of objects within one or more .OBJ files.


[name]( [param:LoadingManager loadingManager] )

[page:LoadingManager loadingManager] — LoadingManager to use. Defaults to [page:DefaultLoadingManager DefaultLoadingManager]

Creates a new [name].


See the base [page:Loader] class for common properties.


See the base [page:Loader] class for common methods.

[method:undefined load]( [param:String url], [param:Function onLoad], [param:Function onProgress], [param:Function onError] )

[page:String url] — A string containing the path/URL of the .mtl file.
[page:Function onLoad] — (optional) A function to be called after the loading is successfully completed. The function receives the loaded [page:MTLLoaderMaterialCreator MTLLoader.MaterialCreator] instance.
[page:Function onProgress] — (optional) A function to be called while the loading is in progress. The argument will be the XMLHttpRequest instance, which contains [page:Integer total] and [page:Integer loaded] bytes. If the server does not set the Content-Length header; .[page:Integer total] will be 0.
[page:Function onError] — (optional) A function to be called if an error occurs during loading. The function receives the error as an argument.

Begin loading from url and return the loaded material.

[method:this setMaterialOptions]( [param:Object options] )

[page:Object options] — required

Set of options on how to construct the materials

[method:MTLLoaderMaterialCreator parse]( [param:String text, param:String path] )

[page:String text] — The textual mtl structure to parse. [page:String path] — The path to the MTL file.

Parse a mtl text structure and return a [page:MTLLoaderMaterialCreator MTLLoader.MaterialCreator] instance.


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/examples/jsm/loaders/[name].js examples/jsm/loaders/[name].js]