Represents a section bounded by a specific amount of half-edges. The current implementation assumes that a face always consist of three edges.



Creates a new instance of [name].


[property:Vector3 normal]

The normal vector of the face. Default is a [page:Vector3] at (0, 0, 0).

[property:Vector3 midpoint]

The midpoint or centroid of the face. Default is a [page:Vector3] at (0, 0, 0).

[property:Float area]

The area of the face. Default is 0.

[property:Float constant]

Signed distance from face to the origin. Default is 0.

[property:VertexNode outside]

Reference to a vertex in a vertex list this face can see. Default is null.

[property:Integer mark]

Marks if a face is visible or deleted. Default is 'Visible'.

[property:HalfEdge edge]

Reference to the base edge of a face. To retrieve all edges, you can use the 'next' reference of the current edge. Default is null.


[method:Face create]( [param:VertexNode a], [param:VertexNode b], [param:VertexNode c] )

[page:VertexNode a] - First vertex of the face.
[page:VertexNode b] - Second vertex of the face.
[page:VertexNode c] - Third vertex of the face.

Creates a face.

[method:HalfEdge getEdge]( [param:Integer i] )

[page:Integer i] - The index of the edge.

Returns an edge by the given index.

[method:this compute] ()

Computes all properties of the face.

[method:Float distanceToPoint]( [param:Vector3 point] )

[page:Vector3 point] - Any point in 3D space.

Returns the signed distance from a given point to the plane representation of this face.


[link:https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/examples/jsm/math/ConvexHull.js examples/jsm/math/ConvexHull.js]