The following is a collection of links that you might find useful when learning three.js.
If you find something that you'd like to add here, or think that one of the links below is no longer relevant or working, feel free to click the 'edit' button in the bottom right and make some changes!

Note also that as three.js is under rapid development, a lot of these links will contain information that is out of date - if something isn't working as you'd expect or as one of these links says it should, check the browser console for warnings or errors. Also check the relevant docs pages.

Help forums

Three.js officially uses the [link:https://discourse.threejs.org/ forum] and [link:http://stackoverflow.com/tags/three.js/info Stack Overflow] for help requests. If you need assistance with something, that's the place to go. Do NOT open an issue on Github for help requests.

Tutorials and courses

Getting started with three.js

More extensive / advanced articles and courses

News and Updates



WebGL References

Old Links

These links are kept for historical purposes - you may still find them useful, but be warned that they may have information relating to very old versions of three.js.